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AAT is your expert

The company AAT develops, manufactures and installs conveyor systems for medium to large piece goods. One important market is conveyor equipment for automotive production lines. Other sectors served are paper, metal processing and assembly and household appliance manufacturing. As well as the more conventional conveyor technologies, AAT also produces one-off special machines for specific manipulations of products and materials.




Industrial conveyor and storage technology

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Specialised automated solutions

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Automotive conveyor technology

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Freezing technology by AAT-Freezing

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Let AAT be your expert for solving your conveyor system requirements

Products and Benefits

In addition, AAT has a world-leading family of machines in another field: it is the producer of ‘BoxFreezer’ systems, used for process freezing of food. BoxFreezers are powerful freezing units which receive food products packed in cartons or trays from continuous processing lines and pass them through a number of refrigeration stages until they are ready for storage and/or transport.



We are certified:

We are EN1090 and ISO9001 certified.