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your expert for solving your conveyor system requirements

About us

Company - Mission

The core business of AAT is complete conveyor systems for medium and large piece goods. As a general contractor we implement the associated complete solutions. Our systems enable our customers to produce more cost effectively. We want every customer to equate AAT with best performance in conveyor technology solutions. We are a partner for leading manufacturers with expert knowledge, that delivers the best level of implementation for their projects. Our goal is to provide an excellent combination of quality, know-how and price performance as well as rapid implementation. Our standard is: efficient and cooperative handling of all orders.

Where individual customised solutions are required, we provide clear value for our customers. We are an expert solution partner for specific conveyor system problems.

In the market for carton freezers, we are a global and leading supplier of special systems. With cutting edge technology and innovation in our carton freezer systems, we are among the top manufacturers.



For special tasks and special systems in conveyor technology, we offer our customers the highest level of technical performance. We are serving a growing volume of projects for complete systems.

Our passion is to understand the value-added processes of our customers and to demonstrate automation solutions. As a global partner for BoxFreezers, we are further expanding our technology and leadership in the market.

Overview of products and solutions

Industrial conveyor
and storage technology


Automotive conveyor technology


Specialised automated solutions


Freezing technology by AAT-Freezing


AAT History

Founded in 1975 and grown slowly and continuously from the headquarters 50km south of Vienna to 1 location in Hungary, we now look back over more than 40 years of success in conveyor technology. Since then, we have implemented over 1000 contracts to the full satisfaction of our customers.

Production in Hungary was started in 1992 and expanded in 2004 with a further production site.

Now we are able to fully master the recognised trends and sharper business conditions of today: 3D CAD systems, the increasingly specific and higher requirements of our customers, shorter implementation times, more comprehensive regulations, and tougher competition on a global scale. We still have a bedrock of employees that have been part of the company since its foundation, on whose experience our success has been built and who pass on their knowledge to their new colleagues.





Wherever individual special solutions are required, we provide clear added value for our customers.